Today’s thoughts

This morning I got a message from one of my new customers. He lives in Florida. His cousin in New York told him about Just Tea. He is on hospice with bronchiectasis and COPD. Through Pam (his cousin’s) referral he ordered a case of tea a while back. He says that he can definitely see a positive difference in his condition and ordered more tea. Many people in Pam’s family have been excited over what they have experienced with the use of Just Tea.
Her 90 something years old father passed away last year. I think he was the first one in the family to use Just Tea. When he was using it he felt lots stronger and was able to interact much more with his family. Pam’s mother also uses Just Tea. At the moment, Pam has a dog, Diamond, who the vet diagnosed (according to Pam’s report) with intestinal cancer. She said they could feel hard lumps around her rectum and Diamond was not able to go to the bathroom, and obviously in distress. The vet wanted to put her down, of course, as the humane thing to do. However, Pam started giving Diamond Just Tea and almost immediately saw positive results. Diamond has been on the tea several months now, and it doing just great. Pam’s cousin commented on how well Diamond is doing when he called this morning.

Reports like this really keep me grateful for 20+ years of making Just Tea (essiac), and providing it for those who want it.

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