This post is from a customer of Just Tea-essiac tea! May 22,2018

From Joyce Babick Gaham:

I started using Just Tea and wanted to pass along a very pleasant side note. I have an older (almost 13) rescue pup that has intestinal worms on and off. I just could’t get a handle on them and the dewormer was so hard on him (he’s old and has a heart murmur) that i wasn’t comfortable giving it to him. so we had just learned to live with this situation and monitor his bowel movements. after starting to brew essiac for my husband i would put the dregs in Max’s food, twice a day, a spoonful at a time. Well i can’t even tell you how surprised i was to see his worms clear up within 1 1/2 weeks! he has been worm free now for a couple of months. When i don’t have dregs i put a spoonful of the tea over his food. no problems and no worms! I am one happy furmama!

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