This is from August 4, 2018 regarding essiac tea.

A post came in today from a new customer who had taken only one dose of Just Tea yesterday (one ounce) and she was concerned that the tea had caused a severe sore throat that she has today. Here is my reply and another customer’s reply as well: Ginny Evans:Nope… absolutely NOT a detox symptom. It would be impossible that quick on such a small amount of Just Tea. In fact, I would highly recommend that you use some of the tea to squelch that problem quickly by gargling a little 2-3 times a day. Get an ounce or less in your mouth, hold your head back, open your throat as much as you can and gargle for as long as you can. You can spit it out or swallow. Since you are concerned about the amount of essiac that you consume right now, it might make you more comfortable to spit it out.

Nancy: I also started with a horrible, coughing and nose cold. But after 3 days on tea, my cold was gone. I was telling everybody the tea cures colds. Don’t stop tea. Give it a few days. I usually keep that kind of cold for weeks. I was totally shocked when I woke up cured.

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