Testimonial from Dianne in NY from 2006

I just wanted to let you know my two experiences with Essiac-Just Tea.  My Mom was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive cancer in Feb. of 2005.  The doctors gave her 3-6 weeks to live.  As one oncologist put it, “Mother is going to die from this”.  Just this past week I took her on a trip to Savannah, Ga. for her 83rd birthday present.  The cancer she has started in her groin area muscles and metastasized down her legs and feet and also ate away her hip bone.  She refused chemotherapy, but did do some radiation for the tumor pain.  I have been treating her myself with “all natural products”.  The key product is your JUST TEA.  She uses a walker and still cannot walk too much, but the doctors had completely written her off.  She is “living with this” and beating it too.  The oncologist doesn’t say much.  He refuses to accept that he is wrong and that “natural” can work.  Once she is done with the bone treatment from him, she sees no point in going to him anymore since he is so negative.

I told an acquaintance of mine about how my Mom was doing on all natural products with her cancer.  She asked if I knew anything that worked on autism. Her son is severely autistic.  I recommended she try the JUST TEA.  Within two weeks he was speaking.  She called it a miracle.  She is now using it also on her daughter who has a stomach problem and see’s improvement in her also.

So I am going to also start taking it to see if it helps with my sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome.  I will let you know of my results.  Thanks for this great product.  I always sayI would rather trust in what God created than whatever artificial drugs man dishes up in a lab!

Diane in N.Y.

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