Testimonial from customer 8/12/16!!

Today 8/12/16 I received a phone call from a gentleman named Tom from Florida.  Tom told me that he had been using Just Tea (the 4 herb essiac recipe) for a while to treat his cancer.  I looked  back in my files and found his first order on 3/18/16.  Tom had been reading one of Bill Henderson’s books on alternative ways to treat cancer and placed an order for a case of Just Tea.  Tom did not say what kind of cancer he was dealing with, but a side note that I made by his first order might indicate skin cancer.  He was taking double the normal dosage, and ordered again in May.  Today he called to place his 3rd order for a case of Just Tea.  This one will last him longer because he is dropping back to the normal dosage.  His (alternative) doctors can find no trace of cancer in Tom.  He has been on Just Tea (essiac) for 3 months. Tom said he was in really bad shape when he began this journey, but feels great and has been working at his regular job all along.  Congratulations, Tom…and thank you for making our day here at Just Tea!

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