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Excerpts from the newsletter “Unusual Alternatives for Health” Aug-Sep 1992

Dr. Gary Glum wrote the book “ Calling of an Angel.”   Here are some excerpts from the newsletter regarding Essiac. “Rene found that ESSIAC was a strong preventive.  These findings were substantiated by Dr. Albert Schatz (discoverer of the cure for Tuberculosis at Temple University.” “Rene found that ESSIAC would normalize the thyroid gland. […]

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Interesting tip on Turkey Rhubarb

Here is an interesting tip on Turkey Rhubarb.  This comes from the Mountain Herbs explanation of how turkey rhubarb root works…  “Chinese  physicians today use rhubarb root teas to treat stubborn skin infections caused by Staph Aureus.  A powder of rhubarb root and licorice can be made into a plaster to treat boils and furuncles.”

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Important information on plastic bottles-Just Tea (essiac tea)

I received a newspaper article written by two M.D.’s warning consumers against using plastic bottles with the #7 on the bottom of the bottles, saying that these bottles contain BPA (BISPHENOL A), believed to possibly be associated with cancer. Here is the response received when I posed that question to my bottle supplier. Note that BPA is associated with polycarbonate […]

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