Stories from essiac tea users June30,2018

Hey Guys…Just sharing reports I got off the RC-EC group today.  This is not all of them, just a few that blew my mind!  This is overwhelming me…I’m in tears….


Ruth EJ James‎ to Rene Caisse – Essiac Tea Users Group

Yesterday at 5:02 AM ·

Just had my too early o’clock morning dose. MRI today! Hoping for the best results!

I also have precancerous skin cell areas. Two were blasted off before I started taking the tea and I forgot to mention a third. A week into the tea I’ve noticed it’s changing in both texture and size. It’s going away. 🙌🏻🙏🏻. This helps me to know it’s working where I can’t see it as well.

Lisa Lunde (from the Rene Caisse Group):

It was my realization today that I’m having less painful days.  Today  not only picked cherries, I climbed a ladder twice.  With the osteoarthritis and the osteosaroma so bad in my hips/thigh, this isn’t something I could do 4 weeks ago.  I barely got off the couch.  I only lasted an hour and 20 minutes, but for me that was HUGE!

Zoey Cosare-Alolor (from the Rene Caisse Group):

Hi Ginny..I started my first dose of tea last was a miracle.  All my body aches were gone when I woke up this a.m…..last week every a.m. I can’t get up from bed….every movement of my muscles are killing me, but today is a miracle.  I really cried!! To God be the Glory!



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