Testimony 6.5.18

Lisa: Osteoarthritis and Osteosarcoma

Fantastic report from Lisa, who has only been on Just Tea 5 days!!!!
"If someone told me a month ago that I would feel so different in 5 days of taking the essiac tea I would have said they were nuts. Here’s what I have had change already in 5 days 1) I’m sleeping all night and it’s a deep sleep 2) I can lay on my left side WITHOUT pain. With osteoarthritis and osteosarcoma that in itself is a miracle. 3) I realized today that my joints don’t hurt 4) I realized today I don’t have the constant bone pain. 5) I don’t have the deep bone pain at night! 6) I’m tired more BUT I have more energy. 7) I’m so hungry. ALL day. So I need to figure out more good fats past avocado and coconut oil to stay full. I haven’t had hunger like this for a lot of years. 8) I do need another detox pathway 😭 That all being said I for once feel I have a good chance at beating this with the tea and diet and am glad I found it. I plan to take this for many years. Thank you for being a good support group!"

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