Recent News on Just Tea (essiac tea)

I talked to a guy yesterday who has been a nurse for 44 years. His wife has just been diagnosed with a brain tumor. I was a bit surprised when he told me that most of the doctors he had talked with say they would not have chemo or radiation if they had a cancer diagnosis! He wanted to drive about 50 miles to pick up some Just Tea from me. I steered him to the Sparta Senior Citizens Center. They sell the Just Tea here in my area. I sell the tea to them at a big discount and they then sell it by the bottle to others, which allows the SCC to make some extra money. Actually they sell theirs for less than I can, because of the discount I give them. It is a blessing though, for me. I don’t have to stay home and hope people show up that call and want to pick it up. I ship, of course, practically every day, but the SCC works better for people in my area.

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