News from Celine 9/6/18 regarding essiac tea!

From Celine:

I started the Just Tea 9 weeks ago (chemo, meditation and affirmations at the same time and FECO oil 1 week ago). Today I received my CEA test results and over 70% the cancer has disappeared. Two months ago my CEA was 89 and today it is 25 and rapidly shrinking.  I am so grateful for my friend, Michele, who told me about the tea, for this extraordinary group, and all of the members who have inspired me along the way.  When I was diagnosed (6/29/2018) with colon cancer (st. 4, mets to liver), I picked a date that I would be cured – 10/5/2018. I am so grateful that my higher power is conspiring to make this happen. My oncologist was shocked when I told her my cure date but she has never given me any limits on my recovery. The possibilities are infinite because we are infinitely powerful beings.

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