A message from our founder Ginny Evans regarding Just Tea-essiac tea.

Did you know that at Just Tea we personally measure and blend our certified organic herbs for every order that comes in to us?  It is important to Barbara and me that you receive the best possible chance for a healthy life, and therefore we want our tea to be as true to what Rene Caisse offered to her customers as we can make it. Following that thought, we do not offer you a powdered mix of herbs which does not give you the opportunity to see each individual herb in the mix.  You will also see a big difference in the fragrance of the mix if you take the time to smell the herbs.  Our herbs are “cut and sifted” rather than powdered, and we are careful to make sure our herbs come from the current year’s crop, not an “end of the season” special.   It is our feeling that when you buy a packet of powdered herbs, there is no way that you can know what the percentage of each herb in that package is, except for taking someone’s word for it. Where, exactly, did the “mixing” of the herbs begin?  If you consider that in many cases it was dipped out of a much larger bag which has also been pre-mixed, in order to sell it to you, the chances that you have the correct recipe gets slimmer and slimmer.  There is a huge difference in the amounts of each herb included in the mix…i.e., closer to 2 cups of one herb, whereas only a tablespoon of another.  (Note, the two cups is actually a weight measurement, but it works out to 2 cups in the pots of tea that we make.  Fortunately, each individual herb has it’s own claim to fame, and you will get varying degrees of value from the mix, even if it is way off from the correct essiac recipe, which leads you to believe that you have the real thing.  It also leads to irregular results from one order to the next.   It is said that Rene used powdered herbs.  It is also said that she grew her own herbs.  It is most likely that she wild sourced at least the slippery elm, since it takes about 10 years before you can begin to selectively take inner bark from some sections of the tree.  By the same token, the sheep sorrel roots cannot be sourced until the second year after planting, so for at least two years she must have sourced them elsewhere.  Of course, you lose the plant when you harvest the roots, so it requires constant planting and replanting.  Since we work with each individual herb it is easy for us to measure the exact amount of each herb according to the time honored recipe, so that you can be assured that the recipe is accurate for your individual order.  In the case of the dried herb mix, you cannot take some out and make smaller quantities.  I won’t insult your intelligence by explaining why.  The dry pack makes 4 quarts and you make them all at once.  Once bottled, if you follow our instructions and don’t try to go down the rabbit holes of reading everybody else’s instructions, you can simply put your finished bottles of essiac in a cupboard and will only need to refrigerate them once they are opened.  You will have enough tea to last one adult 32 days.  If you purchase the prepared liquid tea, you will only take one ounce of tea twice a day, so one quart lasts you 16 days.  Again, do not follow another supplier’s instructions.  Our liquid tea is concentrated to double strength.  This does not apply to the dry tea that you make up yourself…the tea you make up will NOT be concentrated and you will take 2 oz. twice a day.  For further assurance, our brewing shop is under the vigilant eyes of the Department of Agriculture.  The inspectors come by as often as they feel necessary to go over everything we do and how we do it.  We are proud to have this additional certification that our production methods are approved, as stated on the certificate hanging on our shop wall.  Welcome to Just Tea…We appreciate your patronage.

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