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DISCLAIMER: All consumer information in this newsletter is simply sent to me by the consumer, or the person who bought Just Tea. None of the information has been researched, or proven by scientific study. My purpose is not to diagnose, nor treat any disease process. I simply make Just Tea by the time honored “essiac” recipe and make it available for those who choose to consume it. My basic knowledge on essiac tea comes from the publications,

The Essiac Report”, “Essiac Essentials”, Calling of An Angel”, about 20 years of making the brew for those that wish to try it, and hundreds of consumer testimonials telling me their experiences from using Just Tea. Thank you for your interest!

JUST TEA?? ESSIAC?? …Way back in 1994, I was given a recipe by a complete stranger and was told that it was an Ojibwa cure for cancer. Not being impressed by his statement, I filed it in a drawer and forgot about it. Only a few months later my sister had recurrence of breast cancer from two earlier bouts in 1985 and 1986. This time it manifested as cancer cells in fluid collecting in the pleural cavity, and doctors at the Medical Univ. of South Carolina where she was a patient had very little to offer her. She was considered to be stage IV, terminal within 3-12 months. She was tried on Tamoxifen, but her feet turned purple and swelled up and she was not able to continue with it. Draining of the fluid was offered as a “stop-gap” measure, which might buy her a little more time. My mind went back to that “recipe”, and I did some research, finding that it was the same formula as the well known four herb “essiac” recipe. Essiac is the name of the preparation of the Canadian R.N. Rene Caisse, who is alleged to have gotten her recipe from the Ojibwa Native Americans back in the 1930’s. She is credited with having saved many lives over her lifetime with this miraculous brew. She died in 1979, with a tremendous legacy of service to humanity. In Judy’s (my sister’s) case, she went into full remission taking the brew, which I named “Just Tea”. For many years (16, since she started on Just


Tea) she was doing just fine. She traveled a lot to visit with family and lived a very good life. She had rises in her CEA from time to time, but not enough to slow her down. We figure that it was a result of prayer and a heavy sprinkling of tea. (As you may already know, Judy lost the battle with cancer in November of 2011 with the cancer showing up again early in 2011 and I think it was just Judy’s time to be with the Lord, because nothing we could do made any difference this time).

Over the years many, many other health situations have been reported to me as being helped by Just Tea from amazed and delighted consumers who pass the word on to others and therefore keep me busy brewing tea on a regular basis. Through many years of making it for hundreds of people, the uses of Just Tea have grown exponentially. Maybe it is just coincidental, but wow, have there been lots of coincidences! Many people are using Just Tea pro-actively to avoid colds, viruses, cancer, etc., and to raise their immune systems and energy levels. Know that no Just Tea product leaves my shop without dedicated prayer. I pray the Lord’s blessing on the water, the herbs, the manufacturing process, the bottling, labeling, shipping and healing for the consumer, regardless of where or to whom it is going. I believe firmly that God is the only healer, but I also believe that He has blessed this tea for the use of many people.

Please email me at ginny@just-t.com or justtea15@yahoo.com with any requests for this newsletter or for consumer reports as they are no longer available online due to government restrictions.

I received a newspaper article written by two M.D.’s warning consumers against using plastic bottles with the #7 on the bottom of the bottles, saying that these bottles contain BPA (BISPHENOL A), believed to possibly be associated with cancer. Here is the response received when I posed that question to my bottle supplier. Note that BPA is associated with polycarbonate bottles, not the polyproplyene bottles that I use for Just Tea.

b Ball Corporation Plastic Container Operations 9343 West 108th Circle, Broomfield, CO 80021-3682 (303)469-5511 fax

(303)460-5858 c:/Documents And Setting/Kvanusk/My Documents/Regulatory Letters/Just Tea BPA.Doc

July 17, 2008

PAGE 3, continuation of letter

To: Ms. Virginia Evans (e mail: ginnye@blomand.net)

449 S. Hickory Valley Road

Sparta, TN 38585

The plastic bottles produced and sold by Ball Plastic packaging are manufactured from polypropylene, high density polyethylene or polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Plastic bottles may be produced as either single layer or multi-layer containers. None of the resins used to produce Ball’s plastic bottles contain BPA. Some of Ball’s plastic bottles use the resin identification code #7.

Resin identification code #7 indicates that a bottle is made with a resin that does not have its own code, that a bottle is made of more than one resin or is a multi-layer container. The resin identification code is used to aid in the sorting of bottles for recycling. It does not indicate whether or not the bottles contain BPA.

None of Ball’s single or multi-layer bottles contain BPA. Recent media attention has focused on polycarbonate bottles, which are refillable “hard” plastic containers. Polycarbonate does not have its own code and uses the #7 code. Ball Plastic Packaging does not make polycarbonate bottles. Ball Plastic Packaging operations are guided by our commitment to be a responsible supplier, always respecting the health and safety of our employees, our contractors, our customers and the community, as well as the quality of the environment in which we live and operate.


Karen Kaas, Materials Scientist, Ball Plastic Packaging


There are four herbs in the Just Tea recipe. They are the same four herbs, and in the same proportions as the essiac recipe which accompanied Gary Glum’s book back in the 1990s when I bought it (Calling of an Angel). I buy my dry herbs from the most reputable sources in the U.S., highly respected for their integrity and knowledge of herbs. On the two herbs that are purchased in large quantities, I get a sample from the herb lot that I am buying sent to me first for my approval before the entire shipment comes out. The other two herbs used PAGE 4…

comprise a very small percentage of the recipe and they are purchased individually, though of course, still from an exceptional source. They are expensive because the quality is important to me. Just Tea provides you an exemplary product. None of the herbs are irradiated.

THE HERBS USED ARE AS FOLLOWS: (Note: The data given here is a composite of information published in “The Essiac Report”; Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants”; Richter’s Herb Catalog”, and my own experience over 19 years.

SHEEP SORREL (rumex acetosella): organic: Some uses noted for sheep sorrel are as a remedy for cancer; relief of internal ulcers; remedy for skin diseases; relief from chronic and degenerative conditions and diseases; urinary tract tonic; stomach hemorrhages; jaundice conditions; salads, soups, traditional vegetable. An infusion of sheep sorrel is often used as a gargle for sore throat, for internal and external bleeding, including excessive menstrual bleeding; and for diarrhea.

BURDOCK ROOT (arctium lappa): organic: Again, some of the uses listed for burdock root are blood purification; anti-tumor activity; reduction of cell mutation; relief of liver disorders; improvement of digestion; kidney and bladder detox.; diuretic; treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, and sciatica. Inulin (not insulin) found in burdock helps strengthen organs and regulates blood sugar metabolism. Inulin is considered a powerful immune system benefit, as it combines with white blood cells and makes them work better. Burdock root extracts have been used to destroy bacteria and fungus cultures, and burdock shows strong anti-tumor activity. It is said that whereas burdock root builds the system when you eat it, it also gives you a week’s work of exercise in digging it up! It is commonly steamed , used in sauces, curries, soups, and chilies. Burdock root is also excellent for acute and chronic skin problems and for cystitis


SLIPPERY ELM BARK (ulmus fulva): wild crafted: Slippery elm bark is noted to be one of nature’s miracle cleansers. It dissolves mucus and protects and lubricates all the membrane linings in the body, particularly those irritated or inflamed. It lubricates bones and joints and helps discharge toxic waste material from the body. Slippery elm is good for reducing pain of ulcers and assisting in healing them. Applied externally, this herb draws out impurities from abscesses, ulcers and abrasions. It is also reported to have the ability to grow new cells to repair tissues. Inflammation of the vagina/uterus has


responded to douching with a decoction made from slippery elm bark. It also produces an antibiotic and antimicrobial effect. Slippery elm is often used in healing burns. It is said that slippery elm bark boiled in water makes a more nutritious porridge than oatmeal and is good for any debilitating condition, even for small children and the elderly. You will find slippery elm listed in survival books for sustenance. Slippery elm is wildcrafted because the trees have to be at least 10 years old before the inner bark can be harvested and even then it is a careful process so as not to kill the trees.

TURKEY RHUBARB ROOT (rheum officianale or rheum palmatum): organic: Turkey rhubarb root (also called Chinese rhubarb) is a detoxifying herb which removes bile, parasites, and stagnating food by stimulating the gall bladder to discard toxic waste matter. It cleanses the liver and helps to improve chronic liver problems.

Please note that herbal growers in various locations might call these herbs by different local names which can cause confusion. Always ask for the Latin botanical names of these herbs to be sure you have the right product.

It is believed by many essiac enthusiasts that the correct mix of these herbs, along with the correct preparation method, excellence of the herbs used, and adequate sterilization techniques produces a product that far outdistances the value of each of these highly beneficial herbs when used individually. I am proud to offer you such a synchronistic, exemplary product for your consideration.

If you wish to order Just Tea, please call 931-946-7002, or my daughter-in-law, Barbara @ 931-761-3931 or email me at ginny@just-t.com or justtea15@yahoo.com. The tea is available either brewed in quart bottles, or the dry herb mix (which I mix myself) along with instructions for brewing.

Customer testimonials are not available any more on the website due to FTC regulations regarding references to cancer. However, you may request customer reports and I can email them to you. Retail outlets are located in South Carolina, and Tennessee, and through holistic healers in North Carolina. There is also a distributor in Nassau, Bahamas. I brew and ship several times weekly. Your questions and comments are also welcome to the email address listed above.

Thank you for considering Just Tea…

Bless your day!