How chemicals affect the efficacy of essiac tea

I have been asked many times what I think is the most important thing about making Just Tea (essiac tea). I don’t think that there is only one thing that is most important, but high on the list is the knowledge that CHEMICALS ARE DEATH TO THIS FORMULA.
If you are not using organic herbs, or carefully selected wild crafted herbs in the case of slippery elm, then you are making tea which includes pesticides and you cannot expect to get the full effects of the tea. Also, if you are buying liquid essiac tea, scan the bottle very carefully for these words “alcohol added as a preservative”…WHOOPS…chemical…disaster! This applies to how you wash your tea brewing pot, utensils used in brewing and bottling, etc. Use extremely hot water to clean. Boiling water definitely sterilizes everything. Clorox wipes work fine for cleaning your brewing tables and counters where the chemicals do not touch the actual tea.

How do you know whether your herbs are organic or not? In health stores where the herbs are displayed in jars, you will have to ask the store clerk. Ask to see the container in which the herbs arrived at their store (usually one lb. plastic bags and they most likely have back stock). If the herbs are organic they will have an organic certification number on the bag, and also the date packed, the origin of the herbs (USA), and the actual lot # from which the herb shipped to you was taken. If you don’t have this info available you are just taking a chance, and not a very good chance, that what you are buying is worth your time and money…and more important, whether the tea stands a decent chance of doing what Rene Caisse intended it to do. This is just one of many very important elements of production of fine quality essiac tea.

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