Great news from a customer.

This came in from a customer today.
My dad was drinking I think Samson’s organic essiac tea for about 2 months. Recently switched to Ginny Evans pre made Just T for the past week or so. His blood sugar has been dropping to the 50s for the last 3 days! His oncologist said to stop his diabetes meds (which I only gave him half a dose for the past week anyway). Should I dilute the pre made tea or just give it to him once a day instead of twice?

I responded that she should wait a couple of days after she stops all the diabetes meds. according to her doctor’s orders before changing the dose, as the sugar will probably normalize to 80-120 off the meds. Also asked if she is treating her Dad for anything else other than diabetes. If so to email me and we will work out a dosage.

Great news!

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