Excerpts from the newsletter “Unusual Alternatives for Health” Aug-Sep 1992

Dr. Gary Glum wrote the book “ Calling of an Angel.”  51T3R12bAGL._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_ Here are some excerpts from the newsletter regarding Essiac.

“Rene found that ESSIAC was a strong preventive.  These findings were substantiated by Dr. Albert Schatz (discoverer of the cure for Tuberculosis at Temple University.”

“Rene found that ESSIAC would normalize the thyroid gland.  My wife had been on two grains of thyroid since sixth grade but hasn’t taken a grain of thyroid since taking ESSIAC.”

“Rene found that Essiac would heal stomach ulcers within three or four weeks.”

“Even its worst enemy could never lay claim that ESSIAC has any side effects.  You can take ESSIAC safely (proven during all the clinical trials that have been done)- up to six ounces a day.  That’s 2 ounces in the morning, two around noon and two in the evening.  That’s a high dosage.  ESSIAC is a non-toxic herbal cure for cancer that’s been with us since 1922.  It’s a formula made from four very common herbs.  Rene had the correct herbs and used as little as one ounce a week.”

The essiac recipe is the same as the Just Tea recipe.  I will be posting more excerpts later on.

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