Essiac tea Story May 25,2018


Post from a Just Tea customer, borrowed from another website: Connie Pore (to) Justin Cotten. I have been on both sides of the fence. Having oxaliplatin infusions and then home on folfox for another 3 day infusion. Jeez why I ever allowed this still bothers me. They were killing me slowly it took me almost dying to wake up and say no more. Every dr and oncologist said I would die. Man, they just had no faith in God and the tea he gave us. Been 10 years for me. And you are right the side effects are horrendous. To this day if the weather gets to cold my eye lids will not open. One of the left over nerve damage that ALA could not get rid of. I thank God every day for showing me his way. Sipping my night dose of JUST TEA now. God Bless you sir.

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