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I am writing as I’m boiling my new combo from you. I have a question regarding the components. In pics and descriptions I’ve read about Essiac, some of the ingredients are described as being in powder form. In this bulk set I just received, that was not the case. All items are either in large chunks or rough cuts. Can you describe to me why this is superior? Or why this is the choice made regarding this combo? I generally cook a 64 oz batch at one time, which means I divided the bulk roughly in half. This was harder to do, given the larger chunks vs powders. Thank you for your input, Christine

Hi Christine…I am happy to be able to let you know why the Just Tea herb mix is “different”.  When I began making essiac, back in 1994, I knew very little about herbs.  Fortunately, I knew a lot about the Lord and His hand in everything that we do. I also knew that my sister was dying of stage IV breast cancer and I meant, with His help,  to do the very best that I could to save her life.  I had been given “a recipe” by a young man who happened to be talking to a small group of people about essiac in the lobby of a hotel in North Carolina where I was attending a conference.  I was just taking a break and overheard what he was talking about.  He talked about Rene Caisse and the Ojibwa Native American tribe, and the “Midwiwins”(sp), or Ojibwa Medicine Men.  He talked about Rene’s healing miracles, and when he finished, he asked if anyone wanted the recipe, as he had a copy of it.  People began just smiling and walking away.  I had no understanding that what he was talking about was “real”, but I did realize that he believed what he was saying, and out of respect for his sharing, I asked for a copy of the recipe, which he gave me.  Only a few months later, my sister, was given the diagnosis of stage IV breast cancer…cancer cells in fluid collecting in her pleural cavity.  She had been fighting breast cancer since the mid 80’s, having gone into remission twice.  In ’94 the doctors at Medical University of South Carolina determined that the only thing left to do for Judy was to drain off the fluid as it collected.  She was basically put on hospice, and no other treatment given.  She was expected to live less than 6 months.  Grabbing up my last hope for saving her life, I dug the “recipe” out of the drawer where I had stowed it, and went to consult with a man in Charleston who was well known for his expertise in natural medicine.  He knew about essiac, although at that time it was not available in Charleston health stores.  He helped me get the very best, organic herbs available in the US, and I made the brew for Judy.  She began taking it the first time they drained the fluid off her chest, and the fluid never returned.  Judy lived in comparatively good health for  17 YEARS!!  The problems that she did encounter over those years resulted from earlier breast surgeries and a maximum amount of radiation that she had suffered through.  Judy went to be with the Lord in 2011 at 71 years old.

The recipe he gave me did not specify how the herbs were to be cut or powdered.  I chose the individual cut herbs because if I got a pack of powder, I had no idea what it might actually be.  If I got the individual herbs “cut and sifted” (which is what I use), I could recognize them by the individual look, smell, and taste, and know that they were what I had ordered.  I also ordered only “organic” and ordered  from the most reputable suppliers available in the US, regardless of price, and last, but certainly not least, I prayed fervently over every batch of tea that I made.

After Judy’s amazing recovery, I quickly found out about others who were going through end stage disease and was able to provide essiac for a friend of my son who was in end stage with melanoma, and watched her regain her health, take a course in medical transcription and go to work for the hospital where she got that dire prognosis.  I had the pleasure of supplying essiac for her over 8-10 years before I moved away from Charleston.  There are stores there that carry Just Tea, so she does not buy from me now.  The next person I helped was a man sent to me by one of the local health stores in Charleston who was dying of AIDs.  Richard also made a rapid and unbelievable recovery.  He had stopped his AIDs meds before he came to me, because, as he said, “they are killing me.”  I also kept up with Richard for about 3 years.  He was a longshoreman on the docks in Charleston and decided to move his family up the coast to Norfolk, Va. where no one knew his history.  I had taught him how to make the tea before he left and he told me that if AIDs ever came back into his life, his wife would call and let me know.  I have not heard from him.

By this time, I had bought the book, Calling of an Angel, from Dr. Gary Glum.  That is the first book ever written on the life of Rene Caisse.  Gary also included a regular sheet of copy paper folded up inside the back cover which contained the recipe.  I was amazed to see that it exactly matched my recipe that the young man had given me…so that confirmed for me that the recipe was real, though to tell the truth, I was already well aware of that from the amazing results of the people who had used it. Over the years I have read and studied every book written on essiac, some of them multiple times.  I also gleaned knowledge from the personal papers that Rene Caisse kept over the years that are now in the possession of Mali Klein at Clouds Trust in the U.K….some of which are available online, and the “powder/cut” recipe is shown there.

From that time on, I never had any doubts about what would heal cancers and many other terrible diseases, as well as much less threatening ones, and the infighting of the various companies that sprung up supplying their concepts of what essiac is supposed to be never concerned me.  To this day, I still do it just the way I did in the beginning, and bless those other brands that are putting forth their best efforts to provide an exemplary product.  It is sad that there are quite a few now that settle for less than the best, either through ignorance, or being led by what is written by various sources…some of them with very little knowledge, but anyone can write anything, of course; or simply by buying the cheapest available product in bulk and repackaging it to sell retail with little understanding or belief in what they are doing.  I stand on the reputation of Just Tea and the many hundreds of customers who have sent me healing reports that would bring tears to the eyes of the readers.

I have explained why I do not use the powdered form of essiac.  I would also put forth, that the recipe for essiac is particular and exact.  When you buy a package of powder, you have to wonder whether the company that you bought it from did the powdering or mixing, or if not, how many generations back did someone actually use the individual herbs?  An essiac supplier can buy an already mixed bag of powder in amounts of up to 50#…..divide that into packages and sell it to you.  You would never know what is in it, and certainly not the amounts of each herb in the mix, which is extremely important.  The amounts of the different herbs that make up the essiac recipe are widely varying in amounts..quite a lot of two herbs, and smaller to tiny amounts of the others.  Obviously, if someone buys a huge quantity of mix at a low, wholesale cost and dips out some to put in smaller bags to sell to you, the actual percentages of the herbs that should go in each packet are greatly distorted.  We, on the other hand, use top quality organic herbs, grown in the USA (and grow the sorrel ourselves in order to have access of the roots).  We also buy the herbs individually and do the mixing here individually for every batch of liquid tea that we make.  We also mix smaller, individual dry packs of the herb mix by hand here, which is what you have received.  You are making two quarts at a time.  We package it to make four quarts at a time, which is just over a month’s supply.  Because of our directions that advise you to bottle the tea at temperatures over 160 degrees, and with proper sterilization techniques, your tea will keep OUT OF REFRIGERATION for a minimum of 6 MONTHS, right in your cupboard.  That is not true of most of the essiac products available.  Once you have opened a bottle of tea, it needs to be refrigerated, and if your dose if poured out and not drunk right from the bottle (which might introduce impurities), it will keep at least a month in the fridge.

Sorry, for the L—o—n—-g    explanation, but to give you the whole picture, it is necessary.

Barbara (my daughter-in-law and partner) and I appreciate you interest in Just Tea and send best wishes for rapid healing!

OH, PS…We also make bags which are advertised on our site that are very helpful in squeezing out your tea from the herbs.  It wouldn’t work for powder, however.  The bags are made from unbleached, 90 grade (very fine weave), food grade cheesecloth, which are double stitched on the sides to prevent the seams from bursting under “squeeze” pressure.  Rene did not recommend using brew bags, but “food grade”, 90 grade weave”, cheesecloth was not available back in the 30’s and 40’s when she was making such huge amounts of essiac.

Best regards…

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