Essiac story May 29,2018

Consumer report from “Rio” from another facebook cancer site, but regarding Just Tea today: My testimony – last year August, 2017, I was diagnosed with bacterial Vaginosis and my OB-GYN started giving me different strong antibiotics, gels and so forth. Every month, I get tested and the bacterial infection will not go away. I started buying t he tea for my mom.  Because, I have fatty liver, and swollen right kidney with cyst, I started drinking Essiac Tea 2x a day as well with my Mom. It’s probably been almost a month of drinking the tea, last Thursday, I have an annual physical and tested again. This time, the bacterial infection is gone. It took 8 long months of having it and in less than a month it’s gone. I will continue to drink the tea for my liver and kidney and hopefully the tea will help it too.

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