Essiac story from Julene Anderson 4/9/18

This is my first post. I just wanted to thank Julene Anderson for pointing me in the direction of this group and Essiac Tea. I researched and researched and read EVERY post. My husband has many health issues, but thankfully not cancer. He has an infected knee replacement gone horribly bad. Later the knee replacement joint and implant had to be removed and a “spacer” inserted, then opened up and cleaned out 2 more times while in the hospital for 5 weeks. Then he had to endure 2 months of IV infusions, at an out-patient infusion clinic near us, EVERY DAY according to the Infectious Disease doctor’s orders (…..Sigh…… which in turn has ruined his gut) His SED RATE started out at 126 while in the hospital. Normal is between 0-20. After the infusions were finished it was at 36 SED rate. Then he started him on oral antibiotics for two weeks. No further reduction in SED rate and it was 38 in Jan. In Feb it was 48. Through another health group Julene contacted me by messenger to suggest ESSAIC TEA. Bless her fir taking the time to send me info and many links to videos, etc. I am forever grateful to her and this group. We have tried too numerous to mention protocols, so we figured WHY NOT one more?

We started him on ESSAIC TEA the middle of March. His latest (March 28) SED RATE went down to 30!!!!!. AFTER ONLY TWO WEEKS.!!!!!!!! This is the first time it has come DOWN in 6 months. He does blood work every month. Hopefully we are on the right track now. We are using Ginny’s pre-made tea. He started on 1 ounce in the morning for the first 2 weeks. When the SED RATE numbers came in, we upped it to 1 ounce in the morning and 1 ounce at night. Please pray that this is the answer to the beginning of the end of this 18 month ordeal, even though he has a long way to go as we are waiting for the inflammation to go down and the infection to be totally gone before the Ortho doctor can go back in and put another knee replacement in. And thanks to you all for your stories which inspired me to start the tea. Hopefully our story can inspire someone else who may be still researching and sitting on the fence about trying ESSIAC TEA.

— with Julene Anderson.

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