Essiac news 11/23/18!

If anyone isn’t sure of the power of Essiac tea, is new here or just wants to read something positive, read on.
My friend Dean was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma in early October. He started on the ready made from Just-T almost immediately and hasn’t done any conventional treatments. He noticed dramatic changes right from the first dose.

Now after being on the tea approx 1 1/2 months we talked about taking a short break. He just took 2 days off and here’s what he emailed to me this morning:

“I quit the tea two days ago.  Aches came back in lymph glands and I haven’t had near the energy I became accustomed to this last 8 weeks or so. Just in 2 days. I had thought it was mostly the diet and lifestyle change that was making me feel better. Perhaps some credit is due there, but now I think it might be mostly the tea.
So tomorrow I’ll crack open my third bottle…good stuff!”


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