What To Demand In An Essiac Product

The following affect the efficacy of the brew:

Quality of herbs

Essiac recipes

Integrity and knowledge of different suppliers

Questions to ask:

What do you know about your supplier of herbs?

Do you buy from a health store?

How long have the herbs been sitting on the shelves?

Many herb companies sell large batches of herbs that are usually powdered.  The consumer measures out some of the powdered mix and makes essiac tea.  This kind of recipe CANNOT BE CORRECT.  There are widely differing amounts of the four herbs used to make essiac.  Example, there may be a teaspoon of one and a cup and a half of another. Check out our video Why We Use The Individual 4 Herbs for a better explanation of this concept.

If you purchase a packet of herbs that make 4 quarts and you are making the whole 4 quarts at the same time then you might be OK.  If the herbs are organic and from the current years herb crop. 

How to know herbs are organic: If the herbs are organic then the supplier can provide you with the organic Certification Number on the package that the herbs came in.

Are the herbs grown in America? If they are brought in from another country, they may have been irradiated at customs…that makes the herbs less effective.

Things that are a must:

Use the best quality herbs available.

Pay meticulous attention to recipe. It needs to be accurate to match the original formula Rene Caisse worked her entire life to perfect.

Each of the herbs, in itself, produces excellent healing properties but if you want the results Rene got, you have to walk in her shoes…no short cuts…no capsules, extracts, added alcohol or citric acid, use high heat to sterilize, not chemicals.

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