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Victor Cronin Ginny Evans I had a CT scan yesterday. Many of you don’t know my history so I’ll give a thumbnail version.

In Feb 2015 I was diagnosed with lung cancer. There was one spot on my lung and in one lymph node in my chest. Not knowing what else to do I did chemo & radiation. After that, May 2015, I was told it had spread to my liver to such an extent that the only thing they could do was to give me 3 more chemo’s, “strong ones”. I did one, realized it was killing me and put the brakes on any & all conventional treatment. I started on Essiac tea and a plant based diet, homeopathy, Frankincense oil topically etc. Gave up meat, poultry, dairy, sugar, anything processed or refined, had fish maybe twice a year. The doc knew what I was doing and was very supportive.

When I had a scan in April they no longer referred to the liver mets as liver mets. They were calling the spots “cystic appearing lesions” and were doubting their own scan from May 2015.

Today I went for the results of yesterday’s scan. When the doctor walked in the room, before he even said hello, he said, “That sheep sorrel is working!”. I was stunned.

The liver remains CLEAN. The lymph node in my chest: CLEARED. That only leaves the lung lesion. It has remained stable. I asked the doc if I should do Keytruda. He said first we need to make sure that spot on my lung really is still cancer and that it could be scar tissue. He said the only way we’d know for sure is to do a PET scan. That will be done in September.

You know how they put that pulse oximeter on your finger to read your oxygen level? Today mine was 100%. It’s never been that high. It’s always been in the high 90’s but never 100%. When this whole thing hit back in Feb 2015 my oxygen level was 85% to give you an idea how dire things were but how great they are now.

There you have it; my journey. Still on it but I’m living proof that a diagnosis like I got almost 2 1/2 years ago doesn’t have to be a death sentence. A wake-up call, yes. I woke up, changed my life and am so grateful that I found this group.


Nancy Do you buy your tea and if so where? Hope you do not mind my asking, I am new to the tea. So wonderful to hear your news!
Pat  I don’t mind at all! Ask away! I get my tea here: https://www.just-t.com/

I concentrate on essiac tea products. These products are organic and the ingredients are carefully chosen for potency and freshness.

Pat  Another thing I didn’t mention is that my mother and brother both died of lung cancer. When I got the diagnosis to say things were looking grim is an understatement. It just goes to show what can be done outside of traditional treatment (which my mother and brother both did). A lot of good it did them. Such a shame when you don’t know any better and have no choice but to place your faith in a system that just doesn’t work.

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