Consumer Report for Just Tea July 2010

SPARTA, TN. 38582
JUNE 6, 2010

Note:  To my knowledge, none of these reports have been medically documented.  They are simply statements by the consumer, from someone related to, or knowledgeable about the consumer, which have been sent to me as emails, letters, or phone messages to let me know what they are using Just Tea for and the results they claim to have noticed.  They are reported here only as information for your consideration.


Consumer Reports Update  (Last update Sept. ’09)

Sept. 5, ’09:  (via phone)…Peggy reports that her mother, Mrs. Dawson, in S.C. is still cancer free.  Cancer shrunk from 5.3 to 3.5 (cm.?; mm?), and is now totally gone.

She also had some 7 mm. nodules around the 10th rib.  She hadn’t had an x-ray of that area at that time, and Peggy noted that perhaps they were gone also.

(Side Note from Me to You): The Dawson case was reported in Bill Henderson’s book, “How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day”, and on page 36 of his book he gives my name, address, and phone as a recommended source of essiac tea.  He has written two other books and I am excited about the variety of alternative solutions he explains which so dramatically affect cancer’s ability to destroy the human body and well being.  At the top of the list are the Budwig diet and Beta-1, 3-D Glucan, which is available online from  You can sign up for his newsletter at, or find his weekly radio show at   You don’t find me recommending many products, but this time, I highly recommend the Bill Henderson approach to healing.

Sept. 18, ’09: (via phone from a health store)….Her customer has been using Just Tea and says that it has lowered his blood sugar.  He wanted her to call me and see if he could drink a whole cup twice a day!  (The answer is NO.  He would almost surely have diarrhea, and it would not do more for him than the normal dosage.  Some people try the 2. oz. 3 X day, and for some it seems to do better…for others about the same, but that is quite enough!  The dosage on the bottle is the dosage that came to me with the recipe 16+ years ago, and it is still valid). (NOTE: In December 2013 I began concentrating Just Tea.

The correct dosage since that time is 1 oz. in the a.m., and 1 oz. in the evening.)

Oct. 5, ’09:  (via phone)…Ed’s fiancé, Darlene, had a cyst on her hand.  To get it removed medically (surgically) would cost $2,000.  She began on Just Tea and over 4-5 months it has disappeared (the cyst…not her hand!)  Ed says they cannot even tell where it was, and it is helping in other ways as well.  She plans to stay on Just Tea.

Oct. 16, ’09: (via phone)… Selly reports that Sandy has a tumor on her heart.

She had chemo, but the tumor didn’t begin shrinking until she started on Just Tea.

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Just Tea Consumer Reports
June 6, 2010

Nov. 9, ’09: (via phone)…Jane ordered a case of Just Tea.  She stated that the person who referred her has advanced lung cancer, and is doing really well on Just Tea.

Nov. 12, ’09: (via phone)…Bernie states that her father has myasthenia gravis;
suffers from depression, immune system is way down, has fatigue and sleeplessness, and vision problems.  He started on Just Tea before he began chemo and is doing very., very well with all that and has noticed other benefits as well.

Nov. 20, ’09: (via phone)…Robert says that his brother’s cancer is gone, on Just Tea, and that his own sores are lots better.  Robert says it might be even better, but that he is not totally compliant with the tea, and though he is not supposed to go out in the sun a lot, he still does. Problem was sun poisoning.

Dec. 15, ’09: (via phone)…Scott’s PSA for prostate cancer has gone from 15 to undetectable in about 6 months on Just Tea!

Jan. 21, ’10: (via phone)…Ed says the doctors treating his brother, “Willie”, thought he had bone cancer, but Ed sent him 2 qts. of Just Tea which Ed says reduced the swelling and inflammation revealing three cracked disks in his spine.  Ed says that Willie’s voice had been very weak before, but now sounds strong and good.  He called to see if his brother had placed another order.

Jan. 28, ’10 (via phone)…from a natural healing doctor in New York….States that in two cases she has found that it appears the tea keeps the sugar level down.

Feb. 10, ’10: (via phone)…This order comes from Pat in Michigan who has arthritis.  When she ordered she told me that the person who referred her is a lady I had heard about around a year ago.  I was told that this lady had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which runs in her family, and she had lost two brothers to that same diagnosis in rather a short amount of time.  Pat’s friend vacations at Hilton Head, S.C. which is where she found out about Just Tea.  She began on Just Tea more than a year ago and Pat claims that her pancreatic cancer has not grown at all in that amount of time.  The doctors are simply watching her friend’s cancer, and she stays on Just Tea.

Feb. 23, ’10: (via phone)…Dixie, also from Michigan, says her husband uses Just Tea for his arthritis.  She says it does a great job, and is “amazing stuff”.

Mar. 14, ’10: (via phone)…Virginia is using the tea now for arthritis which causes “lumps” on her, but on Just Tea the lumps are starting to go down.

Mar. 25, ’10 (via phone)….Julie in S.C. is an older lady who has had severe bronchiectasis, asthma, and other respiratory problems for some years now.  She takes a

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Just Tea Consumer Reports
June 6, 2010

number of medications, but especially in the spring and summer when allergies also aggravate her condition, she adds Just Tea and feels that it “keeps her breathing”.

March 26, ’10 (via phone)…Ron says that he started on the tea two months ago for a lung problem.  There was a right lung mass, but no tumor.  His lungs on a February CT  were clear (note his first order was on 1/12/10).  Ron states his pulmonologist says ordinarily he would see him every 3 months, but is scheduling him for 6 months.  All of his doctors are asking what he is doing differently.  Ron states his pulmonary MD said if he didn’t know what was going on with him 3 years ago, he would think he had never had any problems with his lung.

April 2,  ’10 (via phone)…Anne works in a large florist company where flowers come in from out of the country with pesticides on them.  She is allergic to the pesticides and has severe skin break outs.  She has been on Just Tea for a few months and appears to be doing much better.   She loves flowers, needs her job, and quitting is not an option.

April 30, ’10  (via phone)…Willie ordered 2 qts. of tea for gout and told me about the middle of May that she doesn’t have to deal with the gout any more.  She was calling to order Just Tea for a relative.

May 17, ’10  (via phone)….Larry says that his wife is beginning her 4th chemo this week.
On Just Tea her arthritis is not hurting her.

May 19, ’10…..Jo has contacted me to tell me that although she has had terrible cramps during her menstrual periods for a long time due to endometriosis, she took Just Tea last month and got tremendous relief….I’m not sure whether ALL pain was gone, but she is happily taking the tea now on a regular basis.  She is a beautiful young woman, and I am truly hoping that it will also clear up her endometriosis altogether.

May 28, ’10 (via phone)….Jane called to order Just Tea.  She states that she has stage IV colon cancer and is being treated at M.D. Anderson hospital.  Jane is on a “blind study”, and doesn’t know whether she is getting the study drug or not.  She says some small tumors were growing in her liver before and she has some neuropathy in her fingers.  Her CEA has gone from 16 to 40, but the tumors haven’t grown.  When she lets me know, I will share her progress with you.  Jane has ordered once before, but I thought she was ordering for someone else.  I am not sure about that.  IF I am correct, the order was back in early November, and if taken at the correct dose, it would have run out in February.

May 26, ’10…..Carol says that she, her husband, and her dog are all doing great on Just Tea!

May 1, 2010….also May 27th and a later phone call….

  1. is an older gentleman who got the shocking news about the first of April that he has cancer metastasized to the liver and had maybe 2-4 weeks to live. He read about Just Tea in the book mentioned earlier (see the Sept. 5 report), and got in touch immediately to do what he could to change the situation. Here are some excerpts from his May 1st email:

“It seems I have a few days of a somewhat relaxed mode coming due and starting tomorrow, Saturday, May 1.  It has been quite a busy wrap-up with April…cause this is (today is the 30th) when my oncologist stated I might be transiting earth….I hope he is not too disappointed….as I am not at all!!!

Actually, Ginny, I have GOOD NEWS…!!!  The latest blood draw done on April 20 has just been delivered and my regular doctor called to tell me my CEA score….

BUGLE CALL HERE….WENT DOWN!!!  I am smiling broadly as I write this, Ginny.  It was in my heart and mind, but still with reservation, that the “number” would possibly stay where it was (64.7) or go up….or to make me happy, happy, happy…AND IT DID… coming down.  My number came in at 48.5.  Can you believe this ?

My doctor was surely surprised, but he also is a nice guy and stated – “Congratulations” just keep on doing what you are doing, W”.  Ginny, I remember reading some of your wonders when helping your sister, I believe, and your Mother…in short order of just a few weeks. A month maybe??..Well you know when you sent me your Just Tea.  It hasn’t been a month, I don’t think.  My goodness, just how fast can some things work? 

Now to be fair to all and everyone, I am also taking some very good nutritional vitamins, Drucker Labs.  Also the Budwig Diet – after all the tea isn’t too filling…and some Glucan Tabs which are supposed to chase the microphages into high gear.  So, all in all , I am trying to help the body know that all of us are in awe of the job it has to do…so, give it the tools to work with…and sit back and let it happen.  The next blood draw is May 10 and report due on May 17.  I will be smiling on that day, too.  I just KNOW I will.                 Bye for now,  W.


Now, the report from May 17 has come in and his message on May 27th says that he called his son to tell him that he still has a live Daddy…although his liver has gotten a bit more corrupt, he is still feeling well and was excited to tell me that he is going on a two week vacation with his Son, and is so looking forward to that.  He says he will get back in touch with me when he gets back from vacation.


I ask that all of you who know that the only healer is our Lord God, no matter which method he chooses to use,  join me in prayer for these and all the Just Tea consumers who have been led to this place in their search for healing…   

Ginny Evans, Just Tea………931-946-7002