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Important information on plastic bottles-Just Tea (essiac tea)

I received a newspaper article written by two M.D.’s warning consumers against using plastic bottles with the #7 on the bottom of the bottles, saying that these bottles contain BPA (BISPHENOL A), believed to possibly be associated with cancer. Here is the response received when I posed that question to my bottle supplier. Note that BPA is associated with polycarbonate […]

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Check out my article that I wrote for

Here is the link for the article I wrote for  This website is dedicated to helping people who have cancer and how to prevent it.  Bill Henderson is the one who wrote the popular book “Cancer Free” and this is his website.  My article went live today and it covers essiac tea ( my […]

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Testimonial from Geri

Here’s a consumer report that makes me smile…from Geri in Nassau, Bahamas (1996) “Must tell – my sister of 80 years is suffering from senility and depression, etc.  I put a quart of JUST TEA in her fridge and wrote a note of instruction for her.  Still, she drank the whole lot in just two […]

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