Brewing Instructions

About Essiac Tea

Essiac tea is a decoction, or concentrate – it is boiled, steeped overnight and should be stored in the sterile container or directly into the refrigerator.
The shelf life of a sterilized, unopened jar is 6 months. Once opened it lasts  3-4 weeks. Make sure if it's close the the 4 week point to visibly check the tea for any signs of mold and smell the tea. If it has a sour smell unlike how the tea normally smells, discard the tea.

Supplies Needed

1 - 3.8oz packet of Just Tea - Essiac Tea
Distilled or purified (unchlorinated) water
Stainless Steel, Glass or Enameled Pot with lid (big enough to hold 4 quarts, or 4.25 Liters of Liquid).
4 - 1 quart glass canning Jars with lids (amber colored jars or clear jars)
Cheesecloth bag from Just Tea or stainless steel strainer.
Stainless Steel Thermometer
Optional: Canning Funnel, Canning Jar Lifter (if you choose to sterilize using water instead of an oven)
*Do not use any aluminum or Teflon utensils*

Brewing Instructions

Add 1 gallon plus 2 cups (4.25L) of distilled or purified (unchlorinated) water to your stainless steel pot.
Add your 3.8oz dry tea packet of Just Tea - Essiac Tea to your cheesecloth bag (tie the end up) and into the water or directly into the water (if you plan to strain it instead).
Cover the pot and bring it to a boil. Boil for 12-15 minutes and then turn off the heat.
Without disturbing the pot, keep the pot covered to steep for 10-12 hours.
If you want to sterilize your utensils, jars, and lids at this time, make sure to boil each of them in water for 10 minutes.
At the end of the 10-12 hour steeping time, strain the herbs from the tea, getting as much water out of the herbs as possible. There will be a gel-like sediment from the herbs, that's a good thing so keep as much in the tea as possible. (for the cheesecloth bag, squeeze as much water and sediment as you possibly can back into the pot.
Reheat the tea to 175-180 degrees Fahrenheit (79-82 degrees Celsius) and divide the tea into the 4 quarts. Immediately close the jars and seal them by placing them upside down.
Cool to room temperature. If this process is done correctly, you do not have to refrigerate the unopened jars. If you are unsure about any part of the process, refrigerate them.
Keep the unopened jars in a cool, dark place. They will be good for 6 months if the sterilization process was done correctly.
Once the jar is opened refrigerate.
First time tips: 
Essiac tea takes 10-12 hours to steep before you bring it back up to a temperature you can add it to sterile canning jars. Make sure to plan ahead so you know that 12 hours after steeping begins you'll be finishing the brewing process. 
Sterilize!!!! Sterilize your kitchen counters and the utensils you'll be using - canning jars, funnel, stainless steel strainer, etc. That Prevents any germs from making their way into your tea.

Instructions for Use

Recommended dose is 2oz (59ml) twice a day on an empty stomach. If this is your first time taking the tea start out at once a day to see how your body reacts, then build up to the full dose.
DO NOT ADD ANYTHING to your tea except additional water to your individual dose.
You only need to wait 10-15 minutes before eating/drinking anything else.
If after 16 weeks (3 months) your problem is under control, you may drop down to 2oz (59ml) once daily.
Max dose is 2oz (59ml) 3 times a day.
*Recommended: to minimize any possible detox symptoms, it is recommended to drink up to half your weight (in ounces of water). For example, a 100lb individual should drink around 50oz of water a day.
Did you know Essiac Tea is great for your pets as well? Check out our dosing chart for pets HERE.

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