Why does my essiac tea taste sour?

Many call sheep sorrel ‘sour grass’ as its leaves are bitter like the taste of a lemon. But the bitter taste may not always translate well in your Essiac Tea. Let’s find out what contributes to the sour taste you may experience. The distinctive taste of sheep sorrel comes from oxalic acid, also known as […]

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Is it Sediment or Mold?

Essiac tea sediment is often confused for mold. Look at your container you will likely see a bit of cloudy, floating material. Many people confuse that for mold but most often it is sediment you see. One of the 4 ingredients in essiac tea is slippery elm bark. When mixed with water it creates a […]

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Sterilization Methods

Ensuring proper sterilization procedures during the process of making essiac tea is important. Visit our post on Tips To Reduce Mold for more ways to prevent mold from forming in your tea. There are several ways to sterilize your essiac tea containers:

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Prevent Mold in Essiac Tea

1. Add your tea to sterile containers. There are two main ways to sterilize your jars and it’s completely up to you and your preferences. -Water Bath Sterilization Method -Oven Sterilization Method 2. Sterilize your utensils and your work surface. It is just as important that you have sterilized utensils that are stainless steel (wood […]

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Just Tea Premade Tea Plastic Bottles

Written by Ginny Evans Regarding plastic bottles: I received a newspaper article written by two M.D.’s warning consumers against using plastic bottles with the #7 on the bottom of the bottles, saying that these bottles contain BPA (BISPHENOL A), believed to possibly be associated with cancer. Here is the response received when I posed that […]

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Just Tea Birthday Program

In order to qualify for your birthday quart you must: – Place an order of at least 1 premade quart of tea or 1 dry tea packet during your birth month. – Email barbara@just-t.com after you order with your birthday.   We will then add a birthday quart to your order, simple as that! Valid […]

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International Shipping FAQs

We’ve had a lot of questions this week since the big news that we’re now shipping internationally, to 200+ countries! We partner with Easyship, an international shipper that helps us ship at lower costs than we could if we sent out packages ourselves through carriers such as USPS, Fedex or DHL. When you checkout you’ll […]

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What To Demand In An Essiac Product

The following affect the efficacy of the brew: Quality of herbs Essiac recipes Integrity and knowledge of different suppliers Questions to ask: What do you know about your supplier of herbs? Do you buy from a health store? How long have the herbs been sitting on the shelves? Many herb companies sell large batches of […]

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