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Just Tea concentrates on essiac tea products. These products are organic and the ingredients are carefully chosen for potency and freshness. We never add alcohol or any preservative to our tea.

Ginny began brewing Just Tea (essiac tea) for family 20 years ago in South Carolina. The recipe was handed down from an Ojibwa Medicine Man to Rene Caisse and she got it through a total stranger who was talking to a group about the tea. He gave her the recipe.

It was months later when she learned about essiac and Rene Caisse. She bought the book “Calling of an Angel” by Gary Glum


who included a loose page in the back of the book with Rene Caisse’s recipe. This recipe matched exactly the one she had and this is the recipe Just Tea uses!

You can buy the book “Calling of an Angel” at Amazon.

Just Tea (essiac tea) mention in published book!




Rene Caisse telling her story about essiac tea!  The link is below.



Other published mentions of Just Tea (essiac tea) in Health Digest:

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Article Ginny wrote for Bill Henderson’s blog who wrote the popular book “Cancer Free”.  Here is the link to the article.

You can get Bill Henderson’s book by clicking on the book title.



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