A share from April 3, 2018 regarding essiac tea!

Sharing a post from someone else, regarding uses for essiac (Just Tea)..

You may not have heard of Essiac tea before, but it is one tea that you should familiarize yourself with. Essiac tea is made from boiling a combination of four specific herbs: sheep sorrel, burdock root, turkey rhubarb (or Indian rhubarb root), and slippery elm. This tea combination benefits the body in a number of ways.
How Essiac Tea Benefits the Body
1. Boosts the Immune System

The combination of herbs used to make Essiac tea provides a huge boost to your immune system. Burdock root alone contains antifungal and antibacterial properties and has been used for centuries to help encourage healing from sickness. Essiac tea also stimulates the immune system and increases the activity of these cells.

2. Anti-inflammatory

In combination with its immune system-boosting properties, Essiac tea helps to inhibit the release of chemicals that cause inflammation.

3. Powerful Antioxidant

The particular combination of herbs that makes up Essiac tea creates a team of antioxidants extremely efficient in hunting down and eliminating free radicals in the body.

4. Natural Detoxifier

Drinking Essiac tea can help to remove parasites and other bugs from the body. It also promotes liver health, which in turn supports the overall natural detoxification and cleansing system of the body. Some believe that the tea may also be able to remove toxins from the blood, marrow, and fat deposits. It also acts as a natural blood purifier and supports healthy digestion.


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